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Candle Magic

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ApothecaryLittle Book of Candle Magic
By Ember Livingston Emmons

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The Green Witch Garden ApothecaryLittle Book of Candle MagicBy Ember Livingston Emmons

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Equipment...12 Additions: Scents, Plants and Crystals...23 Color Magic...34 Wax Facts...38 Candle Meditations...45 Breath Magic...56 Link to Survey & 25% off Coupon...61 Candle Magic...5 Making Your Own Intention Candles...10 Contents

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The Green Witch Garden ApothecarybyEmber Livingston Emmons Copyright © 2022All Rights reserved. Noportion of this book may bereproduced or used in anymanner without expresswritten consent.www.greenwitchgardenapothecary.comLittle book ofCandle MagicISBN: ISBN: 9798833396841

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Candle Magic

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every single step begins with an intention. let the power of mindful intention make magic in yourlife. Using candles for meditation allows your gaze anactive place to rest, a focused, present andintentional way to allow your intuition its voice. Make your intentions as specific as possible, Writethem down, or hold them in your mind before lightingthe candle. as the candle releases it's energy (it ismade with powerful loving intentions and filled withplant magic, enfolded in the wax of Bees), allow yourintentions to be released, You can feel free to letyour mind drift and empty while the candle burns. Ifyou have been stuck in an area, using this mindful,intentional action can cause powerful shifts.

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Intention candles are a beautiful, vibrant creativeoutlet that are a meaningful way to promote peace,love and light in the world. Each intention candle I light is a little promise tomyself: I am starting the process, I signal to myunconscious. I am lighting the flame of action. Action is energy; energy is always happening. Yes,meditation is about being still, resting the mind andgiving your deep consciousness (I call it intuition)the space it needs to process and inform the parts ofyour brain that makes decisions. Fact: you cannot expect to operate your humanbeing body at an optimum level unless you operate itat an optimum. If your nervous system is respondingto unreleased trauma, you may be literally lockedinto a cycle of survival.

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When I light a candle, I am promising to tend tomyself. I am promising to pay attention to what Iwant, and where I am paying attention (where yourattention goes, the energy flows!). Can I meditate without a candle? Yes, of course, andI do- but I am much more focused and less likely todrift in a “busy” way when I have the pretty flameto gaze at. How the candle melts, shimmers, theshow of the plants and wax as it burns, all of theseare active, beautiful creation in action! I picture each candle as an energy cleansingmachine. There’s so much love and power in themthat they literally combust bad energy andtransform it into light.

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Making your ownIntention/Spell Candles

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Equipment: As you probably know, as with anything, there is nolimit to how fancy and extensive you can get withequipment. However, if you’re just making someintention candles for your own use, you really donot need much to get going. Note: you can certainly repurpose household itemsfor wax work, but once you do, it’s much better ifthat is designated only for wax. Wax is incrediblydifficult to get out of stuff- even metal. There’ssome tips at the end for how to remove wax fromvarious surfaces, but the lingering wax feel isreally hard to get rid of. You’ll taste it forever.It’s like mincing garlic in a food processor butworse. That being said…

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You can literally start with a soup can if that’swhat you have. It’s a perfect little inner doubleboiler piece, and you can save it to keep using it, orthrow it away each time. If at all possible, put it in a bigger pot that youdon’t have to use again to cook with. I am reallyserious about this one. At the least, you candesignate one small saucepan to use with soup cans,and you can store this with the lid on andeverything you used to stir the wax inside. The next step up, and where I started, was with atiny sauce sized crock-pot. It worked great for along time. If each intention candle is about anounce, a little 2 cup crock actually makes a goodbatch of candles, and possibly even more than youhave molds for. There are also melting kettles that are attachedto their own little heat source.

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The downsides of a kettle melter or meltingdirectly in a small small crock pot is that itsomewhat limits your options for color, and itreduces the time you have to infuse the wax as youdon’t want to have any plant matter in the wax ifit’s in a heating source directly, as this increasesthe risk of fire. Direct heat is much more importantto track than wax in a double boiler, where theheat is distributed much more evenly. The good part is that it keeps melting separate fromyour cooking stove, and I cannot stress how nicethis is. I currently use a combination of methods, but atany given hour, you will find my giant crock potfull of various designated mason jars immersed inlavender florasol on very low heat. This way, I cankeep colors separate when I am using dyes thatrequire a higher melting temperature to get therichest colors.

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This isn’t the case for mica powders and liquid mix-indyes, which take no time to develop, and can bemixed into wax after it’s removed from the heat,just before pouring. This is a really good way tomake micro-batches of specific colors. Once your wax is melted, you’ll need some sticks orutensils to stir it with, and to mix the colors. I use“wax wands” of thin bamboo that I cut about 8inches long. The thin bamboo also fits into my mica,and so I use the wands for color, too. A popsicle stick would work, or a spoon orchopsticks donated to the cause.

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To really choose the best method to melt your wax,you should first choose your wax. Different waxhave different combustion temperatures, and youhave to be careful not to get wrong wax too hot.Hot wax is dangerous, burn burning wax is deadly.Not only is it extremely flammable as it gets toohot, it also begins to emit toxic fumes. Your waxshould never be smoking. I use 100% Beeswax in my intention candlesexclusively at this time, but I do like to experimentwith other waxes for other types of candles. Thereis not another wax that is as good to burn asbeeswax, in my opinion, but there are other blendsthat might throw more scent, cost less or takecolor more easily. Soy Wax is a good second, because it is sustainable,burns and melts nicely, and actually takes colorand scent better than beeswax in some cases.

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There are many other types of waxes, the mostcommon being paraffin. paraffin is a petroleumderivative, so while it does throw scents well andhold shape and color, I don't want to use them. There are many types of plant waxes, but theextraction processes are intense, and some usepetroleum products in the process of extraction,which makes them less attractive for me to want toburn/breathe. This isn't true of every wax, so justmake sure to read about the source of the wax toknow what's in it. There is no question that Beeswaxburns the cleanest. Coconut wax is also a popular common wax, butalmost all that you find will be a soy blend. I will sometimes add coconut oil or other oils to mybeeswax for scent or to make it softer. My favorites are Tomato seed and peach kernel.both are quite expensive but make a lovely blend.

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When you’ve chosen your wax and how you’re goingto melt it, It's time to choose a mold, or a heat-proof container that you can pour the wet waxdirectly into with a wick. My favorite candle are the ones I make with moldsthat I create myself. After much experimentation, Inow make almost all my molds out of pourablesilicone, but there are many other creative options.AN ice-cube tray is a great mold for quickly makinga batch of small candles. The silicone type of icetray is the easiest, and there are lots of fun shapesand sizes on the market. The old-fashioned kind ofice-trays work fine, too. You can pour wax Directly into nut shells, sea-shells and egg-shells, add a wick, and burn them justlike that after a little curing time. Or, you can"peel" the shells off the hardened wax.

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Metal containers or jars can be used, just secure awick to the bottom and then fill them with wetwax. Pretty glasses, teacups, rice or pinch bowls andterra cotta pots are all lovely to pour candlesdirectly into. You can also purchase packs of littlemetal tea-light containers, often with wicksincluded. If you opt for free standing candles, there are manygorgeous molds out there, and if you see an objectthat you know would make the perfect candle. makeyour own silicone mold, it's easy and fun!Tip: Silicone molds don't last forever, so if you find or makeone you especially love, make sure to cast a "hard copy"that you can use again to make new molds. I like to usetwo-part epoxy for this, as it creates a hard, permanentmodel that I can use again and again.

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Choose a wick that is a few inches longer than yourcandle will be. There are a few ways to secure awick in a container so that it will stay where youwant it in a candle. Many wicks come with doublesided stickers, but I don't want to breathe those ifthey get hot, so I don't use them. Instead, I like usinga popsicle stick with a small hole drilled throughit, so that I can hang the wick in the center of thecandle. With a silicone mold, I will thread the wickthrough a tiny hole in the bottom of the mold forthis purpose. Be careful with this, as wax reallywanders if given a chance, and too big a hole willwreck your mold. Always thread or hang your wick first- even awaxed wick will melt if you push it into hot wax,but it will stay where it is if the wax is pouredaround it.

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It's good to use a metal wick stabilizer for mostcandles; in a jar, the wick can float when all thewax is melted if it isn't secured. Many pre-waxed wicks come with metal tabs, ormetal tabs can be purchased in packs if you're usingunwaxed wicking and cutting your own. I've also used a metal washer or you can drill ahold in a metal disc of any sort, use a pop-can tab,or a paper-clip.

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Additions:Scents, plants &Crystals

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No matter what anyone tells you, nothing is goingto “bind” with the beeswax. What will happen is thatthe oils/additives will distribute evenly throughthe melted wax. They will also separate if they geta chance. Water will not incorporate at all. Beeswax will never go bad; what could cause moldover time is moisture in the wax. This can come fromadditives, like plants that aren’t dried well enough. Essential oils, especially, lose their fragrance attemps below candle burning, or even some waxmelting, depending on the oils. Most candles are scented with “fragrance oils”which may be completely or partly synthetic.

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The term “throw” describes the scent a candle givesoff. There are scientific measures of this, but as theword is commonly used, this can be very subjective.The cold throw refers to the scent of a candlewhen it is unlit, and the hot throw is the scentwhen lit. When you’re deciding how much and of what type offragrance you use for a candle, it’s helpful to bemindful of what the candle will be used for, andwhere. I personally get headaches very easily fromfragrance oil, and walking down the detergentaisle can give me a migraine, so I use a very limitedselection of oils. I much prefer to render oil fromplants, like I render essences by distilling. I am also going to use intention candles tomeditate, indoors, and I really like a fresh,beautiful candle at least each day. I don’t want toostrong of a scent, especially an artificial one.

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Be really careful with floral scents. They caneasily overpower. There is a lot more margin forerror with sharper, herbal, minty or lemon/citrus-yoils in my opinion. When I am scenting wax, I consider how it will beused, and layer the scents accordingly. The main useof my intention candles are to fire my creativityand focus while I work- like a background ofintention, and to use for meditation. The last thingI want during either of these activities is to go offon a scent. So, I layer a heavier cold throw, which isnice for focus (and nice when I make and handle thewax and candles) that is light and fresh, with aminimal hot throw. As the candle heats up, the fragrance will mellowout, allowing the natural beeswax scent to bedominant. This keeps me happy for longer periods ofconcentration.

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I love to add dried and fresh plants to my intentioncandles. Before I go deeper into that, I want tomake it clear that an intention candle is meant forcontemplation; it is never to be left unattended. Most of my candles are free-standing or containedin tin. I play with a lot of beautiful candle holders,but it’s very difficult for me to find one that I feelcomfortable selling. I use them, but I am verymindful that these are candles intended forattending to. Almost all glass will shatter if itgets hot enough. Wax ignites when it gets hotenough. The added plants are potentially fire-starters. I only add them to candles intended to beintention candles and watched very closely.

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If a candle is in a glass container, be mindful abouthow much plant material you add, and what type. Itcan collect in the bottom and catch fire, and theglass will break. I have a couple marble slabs that Iburn all my candles on. I never set them on the counter or a table withouta slab of something heat-proof under it. Even metal gets hot enough to burn wood under it.

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For intention candles, the plants burn and add alittle drama to the show. The put off some smoke,which is a nice aroma without overpowering. My favorite plants to add are:LavenderRose PetalsCalendulaNettleMulleinCloveCacao

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For intention candles, the plants burn and add alittle drama to the show. The put off some smoke,which is a nice aroma without overpowering.
My favorite plants to add are:LavenderRose PetalsCalendulaNettleMulleinCloveCacao

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Candles don't need any additional colorants, butadding them can add beauty and meaning to thecandles. Colorants can be added to melting wax on heat, orstirred in after, as mentioned earlier, depending onwhat you're working on. Wax colorants: vegetable wax based dyes that meltwith the wax. Check the temps on these, as many do notmelt at the same temp as beeswax, and the beeswax willdiscolor and overheat before the color melts. Thesecolors are usually solid and intense, depending on theconcentration. They usually don't have a shimmer tothem. Mica- Can be metallic or pearly, is powdered and can bestirred into the wax at any point, or dusted into thedrying wax. Be careful not to breathe it loose. This isusually more sparkly, and allows more of the naturalcolor to show through. Too much mica can clog thewick of a candle, so use sparingly, especially in a largercandle or a candle in a container.

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Spices, flowers and vegetables are also good ways toadd color (and scent) to beeswax. Cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves both scent and color. Rose petals or other flower petals can be melted in thewax and strained out (or not). Raspberries, beets, spinach or onion skins can be steepedin the melting wax to add some tinting.

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Candle Magic & Color SymbolismRed Candles: Orange Candles: The root chakra. courage,vitality, energy, action,lust, sexual energy.The Sacral chakra.Success, ambition,celebration, opportunity,justice

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Yellow Candles: Green Candles: The Solar plexus chakra.Intelligence, clarity, joy,memory, reasonThe heart chakra. love,abundance, manifestation,growth, physical health

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Blue Candles: Purple Candles: Indigo Candles: Light Blue: The throatchakra.. Communication,forgiveness, powerpsychic ability. The crown chakra.Development, authority,influence, spiritualconnectionDark Blue: Third eyechakra. hidden knowledge,wisdom, psychic ability.

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White Candles: Black Candles: Brown Candles: Earth Magic. House Magic.Blessings. Safety, protection,banishing negativity,shadow care, abundance. divination, exorcism.

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Wax facts BeeswaxMelting Point: 144-150 F, 62-65 CDiscolors: 170 F, 77 CAdd Oils: 160-165 F, 71-74Pour: 140-150 F, 60-65 CFlash Point: 400 F, 204.4 CCure time: 2 days to 2 weeks to 2 millennium Soy Wax Melting Point: 1113-127 F, 45-53 C Discolors: 170 F, 77 C Add Oils: 180-185 F, 82-85 C Pour: 120-140 F, 48-60 C Flash Point: 450 F, 232 C Cure time: 3 days to 2 weeks

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Melting the wax:Choose something you can dedicate to wax,including the appliance itself if at all possible- likea crockpot, dedicated electric pot, hot plate, etc). Double-boiling helps insulate the wax fromoverheating and overheating on the heat source. Ifyou're using a direct heat source, like a crock-pot,it's better to partially fill the crock with waterand melt your wax in glass or metal containerssubmerged in the water. choose a melting container, can, stainless pitcher,etc. I like jars and silicone cups- cover and keepclean, and keep colors apart.

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Whatever method you’re using to melt your wax,keep your thermometer close and keep an eye onthat temp. Overheating wax can be dangerous. Onceit ignites, it is very hard to put out. If you wax does ignite: DO NOT PUT WATER ON IT. This will make it 100 times worse, and will probablycause it to injure you and spread even more quickly. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a householdchemical fire extinguisher handy, but you canextinguish a wax fire with baking soda also.

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Beyond being a fire hazard, there are other reasonsto watch the temperature. You should work withthe wax as cool as possible. Over about 170 F, waxcan discolor, and it loses it’s scent. I like to melt the wax slowly, and never turn mycrock pot above the lowest keep warm setting. You can definitely use water to double boil/meltwax. I use distilled lavender florasol, because I makeit and it adds an extra layer of intention/plantmagic to my candles. It also makes an aroma thatmakes me super happy and relaxed, which makes thecandles have better energy.

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Keep an eye on the temperature, and add the scents/oils according the the type of wax you're using. Add any other additions after the wax is removedfrom the heat, as different materials have differentflash points than the wax alone, and can catch fire.When the wax is clear of heat, I stir in my plantmedley as it cools, and in some cases, I'll just add myherbs directly to the mold before I pour the wax in. There is a magic to pouring beeswax- the cooler thebetter, but one degree too cool and it doesn't pourwell. This matters more in a mold, and as youexperiment, you'll get the feel for it.

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Pour the wax as slowly and evenly as possible, andgive the container a few light taps as you go tohelp eliminate as many bubbles as possible. I Willpour, tap tap tap, wait a sec for it to settle, pour abit more to top it off again, and repeat until thewax forms a film and is no longer wet. At this point,it will not stick effectively. so keep that in mind. Wet wax sticks to wet wax, but just like it won'tbind with oils or water, it also won't bind with firmwax- it will harden separately and your candlewill come apart in pieces with not much force. Thisis fine for some candles, but depending on your end-use, not for other applications.

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Once a film has formed on the wax, let it sit for atleast a few hours to harden before de-molding, ifyou're using a mold. Then the candle can be storedin a cool, dark (hopefully dust-free) place where itcan cure. For a large candle, a pillar candle or a candle in ajar or container, I let them cure for longer than acandle that I expect to burn free-standing. A very loose guideline is a day per ounce to cure.

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CHOOSE THE CANDLE FOR YOUR INTENTION. CHOOSE A CANDLEACCORDING TO COLOR, SHAPE, AND INGREDIENTS TO CREATE THE LIGHTYOU NEED TO GIVE LIFE TO THE INTENTIONS. REMEMBER- A WHITE CANDLECAN FILL IN FOR ANY OTHER COLOR, AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE ASELECTION HANDY, YOU CAN WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. THE CANDLEDOESN'T HAVE THE POWER- YOU DO, AND YOU GIVE IT TO THE CANDLE.Candle MeditationsSafety First! *Always trim wick to 1/8"-1/4" before lighting for best burning. 1. Always place candle in a fire-proof container, on a heat-resistantsurface.Keep all loose fabrics and papers away from burning area. Neverleave a candle unattended.

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Understand that meditation is a not a replacementfor medical treatment. Get proper medical care forany mental health issues, including medication whenthat is appropriate. Meditate while making the bestdecisions for yourself- never instead of, as this iscompletely contrary to the purpose of meditation.Meditation is commitment to self-love, as is makingsure you're receiving proper medical care when youneed it. Get comfortable. Choose a well ventilated areawhere you can sit comfortably. It’s okay to sit in achair or on the floor. Keep the candle within easyreach, where you can comfortable gaze at it. Wearclothing that doesn’t bind. Have plenty of drinking water at your side. Herbaltisanes or teas are also a nice option.

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If there are objects or rituals that are sacred toyou, incorporate them. The more emotion, love andjoy you imbue the candle burning with, the moreeffective it will be. Plants, rocks or other naturalitems are a way to incorporate your oneness withnature, and can be powerful additions. Some people like to write their intention, or whatthey’d like to release, before lighting the candle,and then add them to the flame one by one. It’s alsofine to take a moment and set your intentionsmentally or aloud before lighting the candle, inlieu of writing on paper. If you do chose to burn your intention, keep thepapers as small as possible-a word or phrase that’srepresentative is good! Make sure you’re in an areathat is ventilated. There is no smoke inhale that’sgood for your lungs. We purify the air and cleanseenergy with candles and plants, but we only everbreath fresh, smoke-free air.

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Ideally, allow the candle to determine how long ameditation goes. Single use intention candles rarelygo longer than 30 minutes, and generally are closerto 25. But, set a timer if you must- as gently aspossible.Some people prefer wooden matches, or a lightingstick, but that’s your preference. As you watch thecandle, be aware of your breathing.Take long, slow breaths through your nose (do notbe in a closed room breathing smoke! Ventilate!), andeven slower, longer breaths out through yourmouth.You can happily muse about your intentions as youwatch the candle fire dance and play, if it feelsgood, or just listen to the flicker of the flame, orrepeat a mantra or affirmation. This time can beused for tapping, switch words, or any otherpositive, preferably bilateral and repetitive action,if it feels good and helps to stay focused. Music iswonderful but try to avoid lyrics. Focus on yourown story.

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.If you find your mind has drifted, you can use thisas a reminder to check your body for tension.Release your jaw, neck, shoulders, tailbone andKegel muscles. Allow your belly to release as your spine naturallygrows, allowing all your organs their full space,and room for deeper, slower breaths.For drifting mind: Are the thoughts pleasant, andmake you feel good to think about? Good! Keepthinking them, and get as excited as you can! Smileand laugh, if you feel like it, tap your fingers,wiggle your toes. If you're pleasantly immersed inimagining things that bring you joy- planning howgreat some moment will feel, the processes ofgetting there- your Oscar acceptance speech (:whatever feels good, get carried away with it.

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For intrusive thoughts- If the thoughts arestressful or worrisome, or your mind has justwandered to the mundane, do a body scan, first,relaxing your muscles. Try to focus so intently onloosening the muscles in your body, especiallyaround the tailbone and jaw. I focus on releasing asintently as I possibly can, focusing every bit ofattention and intention on the muscle. It's loosening as hard as you can, if you will- and ifyou can loosen intently enough, you may find yourbody will shiver, shake a little, get tickly,goosebumps, and other physical sensations. Allow itas much as possible! Go with it, shake it out. Thoseshivers will never manifest in fear based behaviorsagain, allow yourself joy in the process.

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Tips:Use a mantra. Any word or simple phrase works, oreven counting will do the trick. Just say it or thinkit over and over. Louder if you have to. Move your body. Give yourself a physical task. Holdyour arms out straight out to your sides as youwatch the candle. Or, hold a squat, lightlybouncing. Planks require full attention. Use a physical grounding tool, like a spray oranything you can physically live in the moment. Drytea bags to smell, beads, or, our favorite, good forthe skin florasols. Aim for causing and noticingpleasant physical sensations, and training your bodyand mind to focus in the present. Plus, it can becomforting, smell nice, and good for your skin.

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Drink water. I incorporate this into a daily ritual.My number one and two non-negotiables in a dayare be aware of breathing at least once, and todrink enough water. I have tied meditative habitsinto these daily necessities, which makes it so I nevergo a day without actively practicing mycommitment to honoring my wellbeing. For me, Imentally Om whenever I'm drinking water. I breathewith affirmations, and I actively listen for Om whenI brush my teeth.Knit, crochet, play with play dough or clay. Prayerbeads, crystals or stones are also a good way todirect energy physically.

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When my thoughts are super negative, repetitiveand really hard to shake, and I can't get somethingmore fun to work first, I will get something elsestuck in my head. Sometimes the leap from intrusiveto affirmation is too much. A thought is an action.It is hard to go from lying flat to standing up inone move. It is easier to first roll on your side, thenkneel, etc.Keep at it!

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Candle Breath.

There is a story of a monk teaching a student how to breathe during meditation. He puts a feather in front of the student's mouth, and instructs him to breathe in a way that moves the feather the least amount. 

Candle breath is like this; keeping focused on a candle (not too close to you, on a table a foot or two from your face is fine), breath as gently as possibly, moving the flame as little as you can.  This practice can be deeply soothing, without any cumbersome counting or "remembering" to breathe.

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Guided breathing works wonders for somepeople, but for all people, just taking the timeto notice and appreciate the breath thatflows in and out, increases calm and helpsground and focus.

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Ready to dabble without a big commitment? Get a little starter kit with just the right amount to get started, to keep on hand for those extra important intentions, or to see whether making candles is for you without breaking the bank on a lot of supplies you don't end up needing. 

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4 One oz bars of Green Witch Garden Apothecary witchy wax filled with our house blend of herbs and flowers which we use in all of our Intention Candles. Includes: Lavender, Rose, Calendula, Nettle, Mugwort. 

5 tiny crystals/stones that are safe to add to candles (quartz, aventurine)

3 tea-light tins with wicks and bases. 

2 extra long wicks with bases. 

1 cut to size wooden wick 

1 Green Witch Garden Apothecary Lotus Tea light candle to get you started : ) 

Bonus: Sample vial of our own Green Witch Garden Apothecary house blend of oils (essential- no artificial fragrance or florals).

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